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The Glass Mengarie The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams reflects upon personal experiences he and his family encountered during the Depression of the 1930ís. As a lower class family, the characters are placed in the slums of St. Louis in 1935. The protagonist, Tom Wingfield, is the narrator . Living with his mother and sister, Tom supports them by working in a shoe manufacturing warehouse. He should feel lucky to have this job; however, he despises his …

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…on the stage, like the picture of the missing, smiling father, or the pictures and phrases lit from behind through silhouettes that are supposed to represent things in the characters' minds. The stage is set very sparsely to suggest what is stuck in the narrator's memory, not what the scene really looked like. The playwright suggests in the prologue of the play that this is a "memory" play and not reality at all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**