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Summary: Geronimo and the Apache Resistance The Myth about Geronimo portrays him as an implacable savage, but in reality he is a man that risked everything including his family, his land, his home, and his way of life to fight for his beliefs. He is said to have magical powers. He can see into the future, walk without leaving any footprints, and he can even hold off the dawn to protect his own. Geronimo is …

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…the White Americans. What was supposed to be two years in jail turned into 27 years. During this time, the phase of the assimilation project is initiated. The government has seen fit to have Indian children sent to schools at age twelve in Pennsylvania. There, they are made to wear white people clothes, learn English, get hair cuts, and unlearn their former ways of life. At eighty years old, Geronimo passes away in Oklahoma from Pneumonia.