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1. Australian Book Contracts Barbara Jeffris Members $12.95 Non-Members $19.95 Postage & Handling $3.00 2nd Edition of what author Tom Keneally calls his 'contractual bible' Royalty & Upfront Contracts Acceptable Royalty Rates Subsidiary & Merchandising Rights Advice on Electronic Rights, Agents, Option Clauses, Literary Estates, etc. Electronic/Digital Rights: A Handbook for Authors Lynne Spender Members first copy FREE Non-Members $10.00 Postage & Handling $3.00 Companion book to Australian Book Contracts Common questions answered Multimedia & collecting services Glossary of terms & new language Checklist of basic …

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…Non-Members $10.00 Postage & Handling $included 11 powerful images of your favourite Australian authors Send them to your friends and family locally and overseas to remind them of our rich and unique literary heritage Encourage people to support Australian art and culture, and to read our homegrown literature 24. Australian Author Members FREE Non-Members $24.00 p.a. Overseas $28.00 Postage & Handling $included in subscription price Quarterly journal keeping you up-to-date on issues affecting your professional standing as an author Bibliography fcxgh