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Rap Not Rest in Peace (12/01/98) In this day in age rap has changed in so many more ways then one. From its start in the 80s on the East Coast, to its explosion and transformation on the West Coast. Today RAP has earned itself a first name, and as you all may know its gangster RAP. Gangster Rap today has become a way of life for many fans. Often being misunderstood gangster Rappers have been …

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…say it is wrong to listen to. If I were to say that country is nothing but A bunch of drunken cow ridding red necks would I be right? Or if I were to say that classical is for nothing but limp lifeless self-centered wannabes would I also be right? And the same goes for all other types of music. This is simply a matter of different taste and nothing more. Jesse Quiroz "RBA WORLD"