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Mary Shelley put herself ahead of the revolutionary movements in feminism in the early nineteenth century. In her writing, she was attempting to show the problems in her own society in an age before others had begun to have similar ideas. Shelley wanted a more balanced society, increasing the power of woman, and decreasing the stature of man. Victor Frankenstein's newest creation, a monster, appears as such a horrible creation that people often label it …

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…job as a female. With the new millenium upon us, one can only hope that males and females can put their prior encounters in the battle of genders behind them, and that both genders can be treated equally without exceptions, whenever this happens, Shelley's goal with have been attained Bibliography References Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein, (1992) Clays Ltd, England Ellis, Kate. Monsters in the garden: Mary Shelley and the Bourgeois family, (1982) University of California Berkeley Press (123-142)