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Antigone: A Martyr, a Masochist, and a Victim of Tyranny The play “Antigone” written by Sophocles takes, place in the 400's B.C. in the town of Thebes, Greece. When Antigone hears her brother shall not have a proper burial, she breaks the king’s order and sprinkles dirt over Polyneice’s body. Antigone pleads for her life, but Creon, the king locks her up in a room of stone in the wilderness. Haimon, engaged …

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…dies an early life due to a tyrant. In order for Sophocles to even have a plot in “Antigone”, he makes Antigone a martyr, a masochist, and killed by a tyrant. It is Antigone's wish to show respect to her brother, while bringing death upon herself. Also, if Sophocles does not portray Creon as a tyrant, then the play’s mood would be greatly affected. In fact, her strong beliefs pave her way to death.