formation of Republican Party

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Formation of the Republican Party We all know that slavery was not the main reason of the Civil War, the main reason was Sectionalism and the south trying to seceding from the Union. One good thing that the opposition to slavery did do is launch three different parties, two of which did not last for a long time. Some anti-slavery leaders looked to political methods as a way of attacking the institution. When these men …

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…in 1909-13. Warren G. Harding in 1921-23 died in office. Calvin Coolidge in 1923-25, 1925-29. Herbert C. Hoover 1929-33. Then after a period of twenty years the Republicans regained the presidency with the election of General Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953-57, 1957-61. Since then they have placed Richard M. Nixon 1969-73, 1973-74 when he resigned and let Gerald R. Ford Jr. in 1974-77 take over1. Ronald W. Reagan in 1981-85, 1985-89.George Bush in 1989-93.