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Computer Security in Business Prepared by: Prepared for: It is 1994, a Russian hacker named Vladimir Levin and a group of accomplices are siting at a desk of a computer office somewhere in St. Petersburg. There, Levin electronically transfers $11 million from Citibank’s New York-based mainframes to Finland, Israel, and California. This all occurred under the watch of one of Citibank’s top information officers in charge of security, Colin Crook. This frightening occurrence is not …

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…The Basics of Hacking. Http:// (November 1996). Rothfeder, Jeffrey. “Hacked! Are Your Company’s Files Safe?”. PC World Online. November 1996, pp. 1-7. Unstated. “Show Report: Firewalls, Web and Internet Security Conference”. PC World Online. November 1996, pp. 1&2. Bibliography . Jeffrey Rothfeder. “Hacked! Are Your Company Files Safe?” PC World Online. November 1996, pp. 1.