fire and fury in nothern ireland

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As one might know Iím interested in history, and specially in history that reaches our century. The problems in Ireland started a long time ago, but they are also nowadays present. We know more about the fight between Catholics and Protestants in the last 70 years then since the separation of the Church of England. In the first part I would like to give a short introduction in the historical facts, starting 200 B.C. with …

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…Bomb exploded in a bus on the STRAND in London, killing the Person who was suspected of planting the bomb. MARCH: crossparty talks 15th June: Bombing of MANCHESTER city centre during "Euro 1996" football championships by IRA 23rd SEP.: A large number of weapons and bomb making-equipment was found by the police at a house in Hammersmith, London where an IRA suspect was shot dead. 07th Oct.: IRA bomb British army headquarters at Lisburn, N.I.;