fear and trembling

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In “Fear and Trembling” I write this essay. Perhaps that is part of the point, that I not write this essay in comfort, in simple regurgitation of class discussion, or by simply rewording the notes I might have taken. From reading the two passages from Nietzsche and Kierkegaard, I found a profound similarity, which, at first I could not put into words. Simply struggling with what they could both mean. Is perhaps Nietzsche’s “poorest …

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…out of having faith, or madness, is not an end. Yet a constant becoming, a way to live life and a way in which to perceive life. One man when looking through a window sees everything, and sees it as beauty, another man looks out a window and sees nothing but a tree that needs to be cut down. Let us all become the perceiver of all. Let us become enlightened. Bibliography none, cited within