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Fascist Italy ìStyle over substanceî To what extent is this true of Italy 1924-39 Mussolini did not rule with hand of iron in Italy and he was much more into propaganda and his own popularity. Yet he did achieve some victories for Italy. The substance Vs style issue can be looked at in a number of places e.g. social policy, cult of Mussolini etc Mussolini came to power in 1922 without any clear ideas about …

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…wrongî an infallible invincible leader. This was the style on which this essay is based. Although he achieved minor victories in certain fields His Fascist State was basically built on this style and the way he got people to see him in the best possible light. The Statement ìStyle over substanceî is invariably true and to great extent he was a man to self-conscious to really achieve anything in the league of Hitler or Stalin.