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Assisted Suicide It is upsetting and depressing living life in the shadow of death. Many questions appear on this debatable topic, such as should we legalize euthanasia? What is euthanasia? What is assisted suicide? What is the difference between Passive and Active Euthanasia? What is Voluntary, Non-voluntary and Involuntary Euthanasia? What is Mercy Killing? What is "Death with dignity"? But if euthanasia was legalized, wouldn't patients then die peacefully rather than using plastic bags or …

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…which they know how to help themselves is by elimination. In closing, we must emphasize that the issue is now out in the open. As the proliferation of media items attests, it will not disappear from the Canadian scene just because it makes some people uncomfortable. Simple humanity demands a resolution to this debate, either in the courts or in legislation. "Faith unto life, Hope unto death, love unto Eternal life" -Unknown Bibliography Many books