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Europe 1600s-1900s From the Romanov Dynasty of Russia in 1617 to the Second Socialist International in 1914 Europe underwent Scientific, , Industial, and political revolutons, which all contributed to a new europe being formed. Over the span these four centuries Eroupes changes were dramatical. Many wars and political groups and arrangments changed views on education, the rights, of men and women, class distinctions were altered, and peoples way of thinking differed greatly in the 20th century from …

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…accepted, however this would be the start of women gaining rights in europe. The early to mid 18th century saw agicultural growth, and an increase in population.class systems of the 18th century were stongly developed. An uperclass named differenlty for different areas but still basically the same, held large amounts of lands and held power over the much larger but poverty striken lower classes. Economicaly europe was dominated by agriculture and "cottage system" manufacturing.