ethos in MLK's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Ethos In The Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr., one can analysis this piece of work by dividing it into three different parts, one being King’s ethos. According to Aristotle an ethos should conclude to have virtue, good will, and practical wisdom. Martin Luther King Jr. in addressing his adversaries does an exceptional job of touching upon all three of these. The toughest of all three was the virtue issue in …

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…life and the Negro communities struggle to support his claim. He is not an extremist looking for trouble, but a man searching for his rights. In all it can be concluded that there are reasons for him being in jail. There are reasons for him protesting. And there are reasons he gives to why things need to be changed. His wisdom, argument and morality only strengthen his ethos and are used to refute his adversaries.