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EMPOWERMENT Sylvia Zisserman Social Work 51 (Room 105) Rahim Phillip September 19, 2000 Empowerment is the practice and focus of social change, also the creation of social relationships. Creating opportunities for out of which human individuality emerges. Allowing clients to work on their needs collaboratively with social workers creates a vision of self-esteem in the environment of that client. People can collectively explore the real commitments that define their lives as human beings. Progressive social workers need to be …

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…as existing one’s and highly resistant to change. Examples of such structures or agencies for community based empowerment practice would include empowering education. Teaching/learning needs to be models of social relations of connected needs and equality with other educational units. Understanding empowerment in social work in term of implications for social action requires visualization as well as though. Such Visualization means seeing it taking place and seeing its impact upon people. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**