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In what ways are the characters of Emma Bovary and Raskolnikov like us, modern people? At first glance, the characters of Emma Bovary and Raskolnikov can be classified as villains, as one is an egotistical murderer and the other a self-pitying adulterer. However, on closer observation, these negative traits are what define them as modern characters because they are confused characters whose complexity blurs the lines between moral and immoral thoughts and actions. This complexity …

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…still remains unfilled with life). Both the characters of Raskolnikov and Emma are modern in that they are unsatisfied and bored with their lives. However, instead of trying to accept their lives and better them through acceptance, they use extreme actions to bring about change. However, even though these actions reveal and define their innate characteristics, they do not improve their lives. By the end of the novels, neither has achieved contentment through their actions.