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Education During the Victorian Period Education during the Victorian Period progressed due to several acts and codes over the years. Voluntary schools, which the Church provided, were founded by the Anglican National Society after the grant of 1833 was proposed. The grant went to religious bodies, which were used to build schools. It was the first acceptance by the government to provide the poor with an education. The grant increased to 30,000 pounds in 1839 and then to 100,000 …

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…available to all children in England. The emphasis on modernizing endowments, making scholarships competitive, providing a non-classical course of study as an alternative to the traditional one that emphasized Greek and Latin, establishing house systems, stressing school spirit, emphasizing muscular Christianity and games like football and cricket as means of improving character, became a model for other Victorian public schools. The whole education process was designed to mold students into young Christian gentlemen and ladies.