economic recovery during the 1930`s

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During the 1920`s many economic problems occurred in Britain. However the main problems did not occur until 1929 when the Wall Street Crash occurred. The Wall Street Crash involved share prices falling to about 1/4 or even less than what they were bought for. This essay will examine how Britain was affected during the 1930`s and will look at the reforms introduced by the National Government. This will be done by examining four areas namely Depression, Labours …

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…unemployed, there was also families still living in poverty and high death rates also occurred. By examining areas such as depression, labours response, national governments response and other reasons for recovery it can be seen that recovery was hard to tackle but once the National Government found the right way to tackle these economic problems they did it well. Recovery may not have been totally made but this is understandable considering the extent of depression.