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Anorexia nervosa is a disorder of self-starvation that manifests itself in an extreme aversion to food and can cause psychological, endocrine and gynecological problems. It almost exclusively affects adolescent white girls, with symptoms involving a refusal to eat, large weight loss, a bizarre preoccupation with food, hyperactivity, a distorted body image and cessation of menstruation. Although the symptoms can be corrected if the patient is diagnosed and treated in time, about 10-15 percent of anorexia …

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…accompany anorexia nervosa. The patient’s distorted view of herself and the world around her are the cause of these psychological disturbances. Distortion of body image is another prevalent symptom. While most normal females can give an accurate estimate of their body weight, anorectic patients tend to perceive themselves as markedly larger than they really are. When questioned, most feel that their estimated state (70-80 lbs.) is either “just right” or “too fat”. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**