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Ruisdael and Monet When one arrives in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, he or she may be surprised, as I was, by its grand entrance. Upon entering this large pillared building, one is almost overwhelmed by the immense collection. Although very extensive, the museum undoubtedly concentrates on the grouping and placement of paintings and sculptures within the building. Through chronological and thematic paths, the museum takes the viewer through the major contributors to …

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…and placement of paintings is apparent, as the viewer compares 17th century Dutch landscapes, to those of 19th century France. Salomon Van Ruisdaelís Landscape with Cattle and an Inn, and Claude Monetís Railroad Bridge at Argenteuil, though only separated by a marble floor, are set in their respective backgrounds. The galleries themselves, along with the surrounding works, craft an atmosphere that for the viewer, illustrates the culture of their original context. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**