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The 1917 March Revolution “The revolution in March 1917 was inevitable, because Russians had lost faith in the Tsarist autocracy.” It was a combination of events that lead to the eventual abdication of the Tsar. It was the Tsar’s inept ability that was to cause the downfall of the Romanov dynasty. It was said by many people that it would have been hard to find a less suited person to the role of Tsar than Nicholas. …

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…one that could not adapt to the changes that were taking place. Perhaps if a stronger-willed Tsar, one who accepted change, was in power then the Russian monarchy may have lasted a while longer. However Russia was developing, the people needed a change in government and perhaps it was only time before the Russian monarchy was to be discarded; it was a case of the mutineers finally casting the inept captain, Nicholas, into the sea.