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To meet the needs of others, characters are often faced with making important decisions. In A Dollís House, Nora, Mrs. Linden, and the nurse must all make decisions crucial to the importance of their lives. It is very evident throughout the story that these women must give up important aspects of their lives not only for themselves, but also for others. The nurse is a key importance in Noraís life. She has been …

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…When she decides to leave, she sees what she was to Torvald. ď I have existed merely to perform tricks for you, Torvald. Itís your fault that I have made nothing of my life.Ē This play expresses many themes, one of them being sacrifice. The nurse, Nora, and Mrs. Linden each possess a strong character, illustrating the hardship they each face in giving things up to meet the needs of themselves and others. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**