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Most people, when thinking about divorce, worry about the impact that it has on the children that are involved. Even though children are most likely better off if totally incompatible parents separate instead of staying together, divorce is about loss and change, and it is still hard for children. Everyone knows that divorce has its effects on children. There are three different sources that try to explain these effects. Graham Blaine Jr. states that divorce …

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…They brought up valid points that the general public is not usually aware of. All of these articles were effective in their approaches to the topic of divorce and itís effects on children. Works Cited Grollman, Earl A. Explaining Divorce to Children. Beacon Press: Boston, 1972. Mahony, Rhona. Kidding Ourselves: Breadwinning Babies, and Bargaining Power. Basic Books: New York, NY, c1995. Walczac, Yvette. Divorce: The Childís Point of View. Harper & Row: London, San Francisco, 1984.