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NHTSA Unveils New Brochure to Help Those with DisabilitiesSeeking Use of Adapted Vehicles The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)unveiled its consumer brochure to help persons with disabilities in the market for an adapted vehicle to take advantage of new technology to increase their mobility. "President Clinton and Vice President Gore are committed to removing barriers for people with disabilities so they can take advantage of the great bounty of opportunities in America," Secretary …

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…booklet will be distributed free of charge through NHTSA's partnerships with such key organizations as NMEDA, the Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists, the Department of Veterans Affairs and AAA. In addition, automakers will make the brochure available to their customers. Bibliography SOURCE National Highway Traffic Safety Administration CO: U.S. Department of Transportation; National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists; National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association; Department of Veterans Affairs; American Automobile Association