dibs in search of self

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Dibs in Search of Self , is an epic story of a kid named Dibs who overcame the adversity of being in a shell. This is a story of how Dibs fights to break out of the shell and into a normal life. The Book starts off with Dibs being Examined by his teachers in school. His behavior has drawn a lot of attention. Mrs. A, a supervisor and psychotherapist, helps Dibs. She believes in order …

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…of angry and sad, like he always was. He finally broke out of his shell, he finally found the concept of love and hate. Dibs could actually read and write. The book Dibs in search of self was a great book, it shows one kid's struggle with retardation. He learned to love, and learned regular things a kid his age should know. He kept his strength, never giving up, a great testimony of his courage.