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Diallo: A Symbol of Jurisprudence I have chosen to answer question four of this midterm because I feel that it puts the power of photography to use in a real life situation. On February 25, 2000 it had been more than a year since the murder of Amadou Diallo. The verdict handed down this day delivered the acquittal of four New York Police Department officers of all charges stemming from an incident in which they shot, 41 times, …

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…the interpretation of a story. As stated by Berger in the Uses of Photography, “Photographs are experience captured…”(p.49). Too bad that Time was the only magazine concerned with capturing the experience of young immigrant who was obviously proud to be living in the USA. As for the New Republic, the cleverness with which they presented the photo will serve as a call to arms for me and others who come in contact with me.