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 KISS hits the road Saturday night in Phoenix to once again rock and roll all-night and party every day. But only for a little while longer. The group has announced that this outing is its farewell tour, one last chance to breathe fire, spit blood, put on the makeup, and stomp around in those gigantic boots before calling it a day. Yes, we've heard this before from these rockers, but Gene Simmons says that since …

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…and went separate ways, Sporty left the issue hanging. ``Who knows? I just know at the moment that we're very happy as a band and very happy continuing with our solo ventures.'' The Sunday People tabloid newspaper said last month that Mel C had ``had a furious bust-up'' with ``Scary Spice'' Mel G ''that could threaten the future'' of the band. This is a good day in the music world. Bibliography