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Iraq Protests to UN Over U.S.-British Air Strikes This article was about the accused bombing of an Iraqi farm. Iraq is accusing the U.S. and Britain of bombing a small town near Lake Sawa 190 miles south of Baghdad, and injuring 8 civilians, on March 11th. The local paper said that the injured people 6 of which were civil servants and 2 farmers. The U.S. and Britain denied all of the accusations, and the U.…

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…are provoked or being tracked by Iraqi radar. This might have an impact on the way Iraqi aircraft fly because they already donít abide by the no-fly zone laws that were put in place in the 1990ís after the Gulf War. If they fly in the no-fly zone they could be considered a threat by the military that are patrolling in that particular area because the Iraqi aircraft arenít supposed to be there.