cuban missle crisis

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The Cuban Missle Crisis The Cuban Missile Crisis, which Cubans refer to as the Caribbean Crisis, was the result of the escalating tensions of the deepening Cold War. The Soviet Union felt severely threatened by the American deployment of intermediate-range ballistic missiles on the Turkish border with the USSR. To the Soviets, the Bay of Pigs fiasco provided an opening for them to establish bases at equally close range to the US, which could then …

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…to sea, and the SAC prepared 136 Atlas and Titan ICBMs for firing. A US naval task force set out to intercept Soviet vessels and blockade Cuba. That day, Revolución published the banner headline US Prepares Invasion Of Cuba. A volatile exchange of messages between Kennedy and Khruschev followed. Tensions mounted. On October 24, the US military went to DefCon 2—for the first and only time in history. The two superpowers verged on full-scale nuclear war.