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The Crucible, Act One Reverend Parris discovers his niece, Abigail; his servant, Tituba; and many other women from the town of Salem Massachusetts dancing around a kettle in the forest. The next morning Betty Parris, daughter of Reverend Parris, does not wake up when called and cannot be woken up by any medical means. Witchcraft is suspected by many of the townspeople, but Reverend Parris is not so quick to label this as the cause …

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…her with luxuries to do things like kill reverend Parris. Abigail to admits to calling the devil and proclaims that she returns to God and kisses Jesus' hand. Beth also awakes to do the same. They all accuse many others of being with the devil to take the eyes off of them. The First Act comes to a conclusion with both Betty and Abigail accusing some of the town's outcasts of being "with the Devil".