critique of Marx's Communist Manifesto

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Document Analysis: Topic 1, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, excerpt from The Communist Manifesto The publication of The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in January 1848, marks an extremely important moment in socialist history. So well written and persuasively argued is the document, that both its profound effect on global society at the time, and its lasting historical impact, were virtually assured from the moment of its printing. Marx and Engels were commissioned to …

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…This indicates the high regard with which his beliefs were held. Therefore, even though the document appears to have serious logical flaws, the manner in which it was written must have inspired many people who were unhappy with their circumstances. In short, a document so eloquent and revolutionary at the same time, is sufficiently rare that even if history has shown it to be inaccurate in its predictions, it remains significant both historically and philosophically.