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King Creon and King Oedipus are both alike and different in nature. Both are supposedly naive people with simplistic ambitions. Each one, though seemingly different, comply with what human nature craves to have. Each one may do things differently, but they do it with the same ambitions and motives. In the plays Sophocles wrote, each character has characteristics that arehuman, they are not. However, Sophocles made the characters somewhat exaggerated when compared to the way …

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…around us and seeing what is happening, we may not be equitable in our task. If we ever become stubborn and refuse to change, we can be destroyed and ruined in our inflexibility. We have to learn to change and listen to other people, no matter how out of place their opinions seem. We still have to take them into consideration. If we don't, we will end up like Oedipus and Creon- sad and desolate.