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The Colonization Era was a time of “…new beginnings…and the birth of many cultures into one new society” (Lovelace 74). The first inhabitants were of European decent, seeking to escape religious persecution. The Pilgrims and Puritans came over to America with the desire for religious freedom. The Pilgrims had left the Anglican Church, seeing at as hopelessly corrupt. The Puritans had many of the same theological beliefs as the Pilgrims but sought to work within …

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…trials were brought about by various things. There was the ever spreading use of magic, the peculiar worship ceremonies thought to be for the Devil, demonic language, and even the spiteful accusations that one person might make in vengeance for the actions of another (Lovelace 89). Many Ministers and religious leaders came to puritan towns in order to caste the demon’s out, or “lynch whoever it posses’.” One of these ministers in was Cotton Mather.