cosmic cataclyms

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Critical Review In November of 1999 an article about cosmic cataclysms appeared in Time magazine. A cosmic cataclysm is also known as a gamma-ray burst. These gamma bursts canít be seen with the naked eye and they release more energy than our sun releases in its whole lifetime. As of now, no one is really sure whatís causing these large blasts. Hopefully this will change as astrophysicists meet to discuss the blasts and as …

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…our sun produces over its whole lifetime. Astronomers arenít positive what causes the bursts what they seem to think itís the result of two dead neutron stars colliding while orbiting each other. Satellites are going to be launched to hopefully give us more of an idea of whatís going on. These results could help us understand more about dead stars and they could help us understand many more things in the universe.