corporal punishment

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Corporal Punishment People all over the world were asking each other the same question. In every country, territory, state, and province, people are asking, ďWhatís wrong with the world today?Ē Now I certainly donít pretend to know all of the answers, but I believe that if we reinstated corporal punishment in schools and homes, children all over the world would benefit. The first piece of evidence that Iím going to use to …

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…that severe. However, it is a strong point. In conclusion, I think many people, (adults and children) would agree that corporal punishment in schools and homes is a necessity. People will still make mistakes, and bad things will still happen; but many kids are going to rebel no matter what. However, if they understand that they are going to have to pay consequences for their actions, they will think more before they act. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**