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CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Two foundations of our government, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. -Individual rights from God, give up some liberty to the state. -A federation is a union of states. -States do not give up their own sovereignty. -Taxation supports the army -balance of power- -absolute power corrupts. fed. v. state Central govít of seperated powers, the three branches of limited and separate power. 1st Attempt, the Articles of Confederation. The constitution …

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…contrary to a prior decision - Because he resigned under a cloud, a class of one. Executive Privilege and Immunity: CLINTON v. JONES - can the president be subject to a civil trial, not regarding his presidential activity? - Yes , cannot stop the statute of limitations, it still runs and suit has to be brought - If the suit regards his presidential actions, then he has immunity POWER OF THE STATES TO REGULATE INTERSTATE COMMERCE: %