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Computer crime started as early as the 1960ís. One form of a computer crime is phreaking. Phreaking consisted of using a telephone to make long distance phone calls for free. A guy named John Draper discovered this and called it phone phreaking. He went by the alias Capín Crunch, because he found out that the whistles in Capín Crunch cereal made a 2600 hertz tone. When you blew into the phone with whistle it …

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…viruses have the same characteristics. They are spread by shared disks, or over modems. The virus can be activated by a date or time or command. Viruses are very difficult to trace their place of origin. They are self-duplicating and they are specific to one kind of computer or OS. A OS is an Operating System. The main frame that the computer runs. Windows and MacOS are two popular types of OSís. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**