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As the world turns, year-by-year there are many new technological breakthroughs of all sorts that generally make life simpler, less time consuming and convenient. With all these new advances and large-scale developments we have seemed to forgotten our place on this planet and our dependence on an intact ecosystem. What we now begin to realize, yet still do little about, is that when man destroys nature, he as a result is destroying himself. David Suzuki’…

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…off these invaders and we use them lavishly.”(Para.2 pg.99) Claims David Suzuki as he explains the “never ending struggle with ragweed, dandelions, root-rot, etc.” Similar to that is a chemical weapon that has taken many lives and affected many more called Chromium 6, a poisonous chemical contained in water that was released by a factory neighboring a residential area in the movie Erin Brokovitch. This is all related because we have to understand ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**