compare en contrast An Outpost of Progress by Conrad and The Daughters of the Late Colonel by Katherine Mansfield

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1331787 klas A Composition two third version Composition 2 In the beginning of "An Outpost Of Progress" and "The Daughters Of The Late Colonel" the protagonists of both stories are dependent on each other. The protagonists in "An Outpost Of Progress", Kayerts and Carlier, depend on each other, because they are the only white men in the place. Surrounded by the black community they realize that if one would die, the other would remain alone and that …

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…and Constantia is sad, because they finally realize that their father is death and that their lives will never be the same. They do not know now what the purpose of their lives is; first it was to take good care of their father and at the same time keeping out of his way. "The rest had been looking after father and at the same time keeping out of father's way. But now?" (2422, Katherine Mansfield)