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Clothing Trends Throughout the end of the 20th century, contemporary adolescent society has built an obsession with pop culture. They have continued and drastically altered trends in music, style, as well as ways of living. Specifically, youth culture’s obsession with clothing has skyrocketed to an almost disease. In particular, the laid back comfortable style of “Abercrombie clothing”, has sparked much interest among teens in America. The relaxed intellectually messy trend of dressing has become …

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…fact that, “people of a feather flock together”. Which put much simpler means that soccer players hang out with soccer players and lacrosse players hang out with lacrosse players. It is good to be an individual but it is very difficult to separate yourself from your team, especially when it comes to fashion. The manufactures figured out that with today’s competitiveness, sports or more than just activities, for most young people they are lifestyles.