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The myth of a "classless" American society coupled with social stratification impedes race relations in the U.S. far more than any racial differences. The never ending struggle of the "have-nots" to become one of the "haves" produces a frustration and feeling of oppression that acts as a catalyst for spawning racial tensions. Minorities see the majority of wealth in the hands of the white population and feel that the wealth is unevenly distributed. Whites …

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…is based on class. People see these events and make generalizations and this in turn leads to racial tension. If steps are taken to make "classless America" a reality, then these racial tensions would ease. Reaction Paper Number 1 Unit 1 : Interlocking Axes of Oppression Works Cited Langston, Donna. "Class and Inequality." Race , Class, and Gender . 20 January 2000. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Company 1998. West, Cornell. "Race and Racism." Race, Class, And Gender . !9 January 2000. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Company 1998.