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Chlordane was among the first chemicals banned by the Environmental Protection Agency, yet to this day it is found present on many fruits and vegetables. Chlordane is considered to be one of the most dangerous insecticides. Arnold Lehman, Chief Pharmacologist at the United States Food and Drug Administration during 1950 described Chlordane as “one of the most toxic of insecticides- anyone handling it could be poisoned”. Of course, Chlordane had to undergo a series of test …

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…the most frequently misused and misapplied of the termiticides” in an article in the Bulletin of Environmental Contamination Toxicology, (1987). After undergoing the EPA’s approval process over and over again, it was found that Chlordane is a deadly drug that must be handled under supervision. Although the United States is doing its job in not using Chlordane, the U.S is still placing its people at risk by making this deadly, poisonous chemical. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**