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The success of China's economy over the last two decades would have been much less impressive, if not impossible, had they decided on any other population policy? China's family planing efforts have dropped the population growth from 3.3 percent in the seventies. To the current rate of 1.6 percent, moreover, during this period the fertility rate of Chinas women have dropped from 6 to 1.8 percent. China being over 1/6 of our population is wise to adopt this policy for …

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…educated the women may have fewer children later in life. This is why it is crucial to cut population now if we want it to stay lower later. Some would say that the one child policy is immoral, and you cannot deny natural rights such as the amount of children one has. Well how much less immoral is it to let your people live in poverty, with not enough food, clothing or education to survive.