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Ariele N. Simons 558-77-4890 Com Studies 100 A Due April 29, 1999 This paper is a brief analysis of the effects of communication with parents and peers on childhood development. I chose this topic because as we touched on it in our class text and lecture, I found it particularly fascinating. The text discusses a life span theory of self evolution, but does not spend much time delving into specific issues surrounding socialization. One important lesson learned …

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…the foundation for all future communication competencies. Parents must constantly monitor their communication with their babies if they are to teach their children how to be well adjusted, well liked, and well prepared for f! uture relationships with peers and other adults, as well as the undeniably turbulent years of adolescence. Work Cited DeLameter, J.D., & Michener, H.A. Social Psychology. Florida: Harcourt Brace. Santrock, J.W. (1997). Life Span Development. Dubuque: Brown & Benchmark. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**