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Charles *censored*ens charles *censored*en's early life was greatly influential in his most famous novels. his childhood was full of tragedies and problems. *censored*ens needed to overcome several obstacles so that he could have a chance at an education. after defeating these hurdles, *censored*ens wrote the novels that have entertained many people for many generations. most of the obstacles that *censored*ens had to face were in his childhood. as a very …

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…me for putting two such words together." *censored*ens was a sophistocated englishman and saw americans as disgusting and uncouth. throughout *censored*ens's life, he met many hardships that were greatly influential in his most famous writings. even though he disagreed with american thinking, they still adore his works. around christmas season, versions of a christmas carol are viewed. people love his writings and will continue to read his works for many years to come