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In the historical process there have been many changes for the advancement of society. Greece, Europe, and Italy all went through radical changes. Their new styles and remarkable advances led them through the Classical and Renaissance periods. Greece was referred to as Classical Greece during the period of Greek history between 500 B.C.E and 338 B.C.E. This was considered to be a time of brilliant achievement. The Greek culture was certainly changed over …

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…well known for his Frescoes in the Vatican Palace. Michaelangelo was a man of all trades. Neopolatonism influenced him. This was evident in his figures in the Sistine Chapel. Changes and rebirth are evident in the Italian, Greek, and European cultures, although more prominent in some areas. Rebirth for many meant a new beginning and a new life. This flourishing time gave the people a feeling of great hope for what lied ahead. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**