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Content and Structure Introduction (intercultural dimension) Intercultural Management and culture change/cultural leadership styles (why resistance matters) The impact of personal change/Cross-cultural management (culture-specific perception and skills for effective conflict resolution) Outlook and Conclusion The intercultural dimension in change processes Definitions (I) Definitions (II) CULTURE is everything that people have*, think* and do* as members of their society Material objects Ideas, values, attitudes Normative or expected patterns of behaviour Culture is shared by at …

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…How to convince People embracing Change Case Study Solution and Summary Personal Change Cross-cultural Management Perception Culture-specific perception / (How to improve cross-cultural perception) Cross-Cultural Motivation (I) Cross-Cultural Motivation (II) Cross-Cultural Motivation (III) Cross-Cultural Motivation (IV) Cross-Cultural Motivation (V) Being a Global Player means solving conflicts Conflict Management Cultural Diversity Managing Diversity Coping with Cross-Cultural Adjustment Stress Conflict Resolution Conflict (types and elements) (I) Conflict (II) Positive and Negative Effects An Outlook Conclusion (I) Conclusion (II)