causes of the Industrial Revolution

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What are the causes of the Industrial Revolution? The Industrial Revolution gradually came about because of the radical new ideas and innovations from the Agricultural, Commercial, and Scientific Revolutions, that inspired the new revolution in Britain. The Commercial Revolution promoted entrepreneurialism, and larger, overseas markets with whom Britain could trade. The Agricultural Revolution brought about new methods in farming and cultivation, along with a surplus of food and people, which provided a generous labor supply. …

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…crops. ''Turnip'' Townshend was famous for his cultivation of turnips and clover on his estate in England. He introduced the four-course rotation with these crops: wheat, turnips, barley, and clover. Innovations in farming methods led to more productive farms, and generated more food. A surplus of food sets off a chain reaction of healthier people, then more people, so there are more workers, so there is cheaper labor, and thus more money for more markets.