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Supermarket Case Simulation I visited a nearby supermarket and chose 4 products with four different life cycles. Product #1: Pomme Frits Spicy Frozen Fries Life Cycle: It is the Introduction phase. Pomme Frits is investing enormously in introducing the product to the Egyptian market although they are not achieving any profit because it is still unknown to most people. This is the first product this company makes and it did not accompany it with other product in …

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…sugar free chewing gums with different flavors, Samara is on the decline stage of a product life cycle. Marketing Strategy: harvesting. They are keeping the product in the market but reduced the marketing cost. They are depending on word of mouth marketing because the product has been in the market for more than 20 years. Targeted Market: Women on diet and adults who like the taste of the real gum with no flavors. Promotional Devices: None