cartoon violence

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A few months ago when visiting a friend, I was disturbed to see her eight-year old sister making one of her Barbie dolls, in her Barbie Ferrari, run over another Barbie. When I asked why she was making her doll hurt the other doll she replied, "Because it's funny. The Coyote gets run over all the time, it's funny." I then explained to her that when cars hit people, many times the get hurt very …

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…causes violence to become an even greater "social disease of epidemic proportions" (Kreig 46). Works Cited Eron, L.D. and L.R. Huesmann. Television and the Aggressive Child: A Cross National Comparison. Greenhaven Press Inc. San Diego, California: 1982. Kavanaugh, R.D. and R.D. Parke. Imitation of live and Televised models by children. General Press Inc. Tampa, Florida: 1987. Kreig, Fred. That's all Folks. The Desensitiza1`tion of America's Youth Towards Violence. McHugh Press Inc. Boston, Massachusetts: 1991.